Manual synchronization

You can manually synchronize replicas by entering explicit syncreplica commands.

Export phase

Create an update packet at the sending host. Use the syncreplica -export command with the appropriate transport option.

If your sites are connected electronically, you can use store-and-forward to send the packet (-fship) or place it in a storage bay (-ship).

The following example uses the -fship option to send the packet immediately:

multiutil syncreplica -export -clan telecomm -site sanfran_hub -family PRODA
-user jcole -password passwd -maxsize 50m -workdir c:\temp\packets -fship
-sclass cq_default bangalore
multitool syncreplica -export -maxsize 1m -fship boston_hub@\dev
Generating synchronization packet C:\Program Files\hcl\ccm\VersionVault\var
 - shipping order file is C:\Program Files\hcl\ccm\VersionVault\var\shipping
Attempting to forward/deliver generated packets...
 -- Forwarded/delivered packet C:\Program Files\hcl\ccm\VersionVault\var

The following example uses the -out option to save the packet as an output file and includes the -maxsize option to divide the logical packet into appropriately sized physical packets. The packet files can then be sent by electronic mail or copied onto diskettes, CDs, or tape.

multitool syncreplica -export -maxsize 1m -out c:\packets\update1 
Generating synchronization packet c:\packets\update1

Transport phase

If you did not use the -fship option in the export phase to automatically send the packets, send the packets:
  • If you used syncreplica -export -ship, invoke shipping_server in either of the following ways:
    shipping_server -sclass cq_default -poll
    shipping_server shipping-order-pathname
  • If you did not use -fship or -ship, send the packets using electronic mail, regular mail, or your preferred delivery method.

Import phase

  1. If you used diskettes, CDs, tape, or electronic mail, copy the packet files into a directory on the receiving replica's hostsynchronization server.
  2. Use the lspacket command to verify that the packet has arrived.
    multitool lspacket
    Packet is: /opt/hcl/ccm/versionvault/shipping/ms_ship/incoming/sync_bangalore_30
    Packet type: Update
    VOB family identifier is: 12a3456b.78c901d2.e3ab.45:67:89:c0:1d:e2
    Comment supplied at packet creation is:
    Packet intended for the following targets:
    The packet sequence number is 1
  3. Apply the packet at the receiving replica. Use the syncreplica -import command to apply the changes in the packet to the replica.

    This example specifies the -receive option; syncreplica imports any packets it finds in the incoming shipping directories.

    multitool syncreplica -import -receive
    Applied sync. packet /opt/hcl/ccm/versionvault/shipping/ms_ship/incoming/
    -Oct- to VOB /net/minuteman/vobstg/dev.vbs
    multiutil syncreplica -import -family PRODA -user kumar -password secret
    -receive -sclass cq_default

    This example specifies a directory path name as an argument. syncreplica -import looks in this directory for update packets and applies them to the replica on the host.

    multitool syncreplica -import c:\msite\packets
    Applied sync. packet c:\msite\packets\update1 to VOB \\servo\vobs\dev.vbs
    multiutil syncreplica -import -family PRODA -user kumar -password secret