MultiSite licensing

A MultiSite license is required to access an object in a replica by a MultiSite command or GUI, by an HCL VersionVaultHCL Compass command or GUI, or by a standard operating system command.

You calculate the number of MultiSite licenses that you need by determining how many developers will access replicated VOBsHCL Compass databases. If all developers will access these VOBs databases, then you need the same number of HCL VersionVault MultiSite licenses as HCL VersionVaultHCL Compass MultiSite licenses as HCL Compass licenses. If some developers will not access replicated VOBs databases, then you can purchase fewer MultiSite licenses.

For example, a company has two sites, with 20 developers at site A and five developers at site B. The company has three VOBs HCL Compass databases at site A; two are replicated to site B and one is not replicated. Five developers at site A access only the unreplicated VOB database; the other 15 work in all VOBs databases. The five developers at site B work in the replicated environment. Therefore, the company purchases the following number of licenses:

Site Number of HCL VersionVaultHCL Compass licenses Number of MultiSite licenses
A 20 15
B 5 5
Attention: This example assumes that you purchase one HCL VersionVaultHCL Compass license for each developer. If you have fewer HCL VersionVaultHCL Compass licenses than developers, you can purchase a proportionate number of MultiSite licenses. For example, if the company purchased three HCL VersionVaultHCL Compass licenses for site B, it would also purchase three MultiSite licenses for site B.