Responsibilities of MultiSite administrators

The MultiSite administrator must perform the tasks described in this topic.

  • Help determine and implement the HCL VersionVault and MultiSite use models

    When a new project is set up, the administrator configures the environment for synchronization management and works with project managers to determine which replicas master various objects. The administrator also changes mastership when necessary, schedules merges, copies triggers from replica to replica, and monitors label creationand determines the appropriate data code page value for the database set.

  • Monitor MultiSite replica creation and synchronization

    Administrators must check the storage bays to make sure that packets are not accumulating. Include the administrator's e-mail address in the ADMINISTRATOR entry in the shipping.conf file (Linux™ and the UNIX™ system) or in the MultiSite Control Panel (Windows™).

  • Monitor HCL VersionVault and system log files

    Error and status messages are written to the shipping_server_log file on Linux and the UNIX system and the Event Viewer on Windows.

  • Install new versions of HCL VersionVault and MultiSite and new fix packs

    Fix packs and information about new versions are available on the HCL Web site. Install the mandatory and recommended fix packs for your architecture.

    Compatibility issues for versions of HCL VersionVault and MultiSite are described in HelpHCL Compass installation and upgrade.

  • Coordinate issues with all other MultiSite administrators

    After initial setup and synchronization of replicas, administrators also must coordinate recovery efforts, which may involve exchanges of update packets, and changes of mastership, which require the administrator at the master replica to transfer mastership to the replica that needs to master the objects.

    Create a representation of your MultiSite deployment and record information about a family. Family information shows an example of information that may be useful. You may also want to draw a picture of the family's synchronization pattern.

    Table 1. Family information
    Replica name Replica host Administrator E-mail, phone number Location Time zone offset
    sanfran_hub goldengate John Cole jcole, x1462 San Francisco, CA, USA GMT-8
    boston_hub minuteman Susan Goechs susan, x3742 Boston, MA, USA GMT-5
    tokyo shinjuku Masako Ito masako, x7761 Tokyo, Japan GMT+9
    sydney taronga Bruce Fife bfife, x5080 Sydney, Australia GMT+10
    bangalore ramohalli Sonia Kumar kumar, x2347 Bangalore, India GMT+5:30
    buenosaires mardelplata Juan Fangio fangio, x4300 Buenos Aires, Argentina GMT-3
  • Ensure that replicas receive any necessary special handling

    Restoring a replica from backup is a significant event. Failure to follow the prescribed procedures leads to irreparable inconsistencies among the replicas in a family.

    There are no special requirements for backing up a replica. Use the backup instructions in the Help. Other HCL VersionVault administrative procedures require special steps for replicas. The procedures that describe these steps are also in the Help.

    There are no special requirements for backing up a replica. Use the backup instructions in the Administrator topics in HCL Compass Help.