About integration packages, configuration, and testing

Before integration, you must ensure that the data from the integrated application is compatible with the code page for the Compass database. If you add additional record types after adding a package, you can enable the package functionality for those record types using the Designer.

Some Compass integrations are independent integrations that require adding only the appropriate package. Other integrations are dependent integrations that require adding one or more packages in a specific order and might require additional configuration to Compass.

These instructions assume that you are adding a new integration and that the associated packages do not already exist in your schema. See Applying package upgrades if you need to upgrade an integration or package.

Some Compass integrations cannot be applied to the Web Client.

Attention: Plan carefully before adding a package to your schema. After a package is added, you cannot remove it. Instead, you must delete all schema versions in which the package exists. You can delete schema versions only if you have not applied them to a user database.