Interface ReverseUpdateInventoryCmd

  • All Superinterfaces:,,,, ECCommand,,, TaskCommand
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    CheckInventoryCmdImpl, InventoryBaseCmdImpl, ResolveFulfillmentCenterCmdImpl, ReverseUpdateInventoryCmdImpl, UpdateInventoryCmdImpl, UpdateInventoryForOrderItemsCmdImpl

    public interface ReverseUpdateInventoryCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    ReverseUpdateInventory let you undo an updating of inventory for items. There are two ways to reverse update inventory.
    • Set one or list of order items by calling setOrderItem method.
    • Set one catalog entry by calling setCatEntryId, setQuantity and setStoreId methods. Method setQuantityMeasure is optional.
    The fulfillmentCenterId is optional.

    Calling Command: OrderProcess

    Expected Behavior: Reverse a previous reduction in the amount of inventory in stock for a product or item.

    • Method Detail

      • setCatEntryId

        void setCatEntryId(java.lang.Long aCatEntryId)
        Set a Catalog Entry Id to reverse update the inventory.
      • setFulfillmentCenterId

        void setFulfillmentCenterId(java.lang.Integer aFulfillmentCenterId)
        Set a fulfillment center Id.
      • setOrderItem

        void setOrderItem(OrderItemAccessBean[] orderItems)
        Set a list of OrderItems to reverse update the inventory.
      • setOrderItem

        void setOrderItem(OrderItemAccessBean anOrderItem)
        Set an OrderItem to reverse update the inventory.
      • setOrderItem

        void setOrderItem(java.util.Vector anOrderItemList)
        Set a list of OrderItems to reverse update the inventory.
      • setQuantity

        void setQuantity(java.lang.Double aQuantity)
        Set a quantity to reverse update the inventory.
      • setAllocatedQuantity

        void setAllocatedQuantity(java.lang.Integer allocatedQuantity)
        Set the allocated quantity which need to reverse.
      • setQuantityMeasure

        void setQuantityMeasure(java.lang.String quantityMeasure)
        Set a quantity measure (optional).
      • setStoreId

        void setStoreId(java.lang.Integer aStoreId)
        Set a store id.