Class ResolveFulfillmentCenterCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, CheckInventoryCmd, ResolveFulfillmentCenterCmd, ReverseUpdateInventoryCmd, UpdateInventoryCmd,,,,,,

    public class ResolveFulfillmentCenterCmdImpl
    extends InventoryBaseCmdImpl
    implements ResolveFulfillmentCenterCmd
    Resolve fulfillment center id for a catalog entry or a list of order items. There are two ways to specify the input.
    • Set one or list of order items by calling setOrderItem method.
    • Set one catalog entry by calling setCatEntryId, setQuantity and setStoreId methods. Method setQuantityMeasure is optional.
    The shipping mode id is optional. If this parameter is not set, the command will use the default ship mode id for the store. The fulfillmentCenterId is optional. If it is set, the command will try to use this fulfillment center to check the inventory. You can call getFulfillmentCenterId to see if the fulfillment center id is still the same after resolving.

    If the resolving fulfillment center fails, it throws ECApplicationException with the message key _API_CANT_RESOLVE_FFMCENTER and the error view of ResolveFulfillmentCenterErrorView.

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