Class SearchCatalogEntryViewPriceResultFilter

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    public class SearchCatalogEntryViewPriceResultFilter
    extends AbstractSearchResultFilter
    implements SearchResultFilter
    This is the implementation of the CatalogNavigationView search result filter for prices in each CatalogEntryView object. Its purpose is to determine the calculated contract price that is suitable to be displayed to the shopper. This filter will not return prices for dynamic kits.
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      • SearchCatalogEntryViewPriceResultFilter

        public SearchCatalogEntryViewPriceResultFilter()
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      • filter

        public void filter(SelectionCriteria selectionCriteria,
                           commonj.sdo.DataObject dataObject)
                    throws java.lang.RuntimeException
        Description copied from interface: SearchResultFilter
        Invoke the search filter to modify the given data object to make it suitable for business use.
        Specified by:
        filter in interface SearchResultFilter
        filter in class AbstractSearchResultFilter
        selectionCriteria - Java representation of the search expression
        dataObject - Java object to be filtered