Class SearchCatalogEntryViewPackageBundleResultFilter

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    public class SearchCatalogEntryViewPackageBundleResultFilter
    extends AbstractSearchResultFilter
    implements SearchResultFilter
    This filter is used for populating Component View type of noun for a package or bundle's items from Database if needed. This filter populates the below details for an item under a package or bundle for IBM_findCatalogEntryComponents profile. It uses below methods to get the physical object from DB and to populate the ComponentViewType of noun.
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      • SearchCatalogEntryViewPackageBundleResultFilter

        public SearchCatalogEntryViewPackageBundleResultFilter()
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      • filter

        public void filter(SelectionCriteria selectionCriteria,
                           commonj.sdo.DataObject dataObject)
                    throws java.lang.RuntimeException
        The filter is used to populate a component list for pre-defined Bundle or package.
        Specified by:
        filter in interface SearchResultFilter
        filter in class AbstractSearchResultFilter
        selectionCriteria - The search expression object represents.
        dataObject - The object passed to filter.
        java.lang.RuntimeException - Could be thrown if any error occurred.