Class ReadCatalogEntryListPriceMediator

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReadCatalogEntryListPriceMediator

        public ReadCatalogEntryListPriceMediator()
    • Method Detail

      • buildNounPart

        public void buildNounPart(java.lang.Object aNoun,
                                  java.lang.Object aPhysicalEntity)
                           throws BusinessObjectMediatorException
        Build the /CatalogEntry/UnitPrice portion of the CatalogEntry noun, based on data contained in the result graph. If no list price data is found in the physical graph, then the logical noun is unchanged by this operation.
        aNoun - an Object for holding the Logial enity which is of type CatalogEntry, to be populated by copying data from physical entity
        aPhysicalEntity - an Object to hold the physical entity of type CatalogEntry which contains the data that has to be populated in Logical Entity.
        throws - an exception of type BusinessObjectMediatorException
        See Also:
        ReadBusinessObjectPartMediator.buildNounPart(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object)