Class ReadCatalogEntryMediator

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReadCatalogEntryMediator

        public ReadCatalogEntryMediator()
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      • buildNoun

        public void buildNoun(java.lang.Object aLogicalEntityType,
                              java.lang.Object aPhysicalEntityType)
                       throws AbstractApplicationException
        Build the logical catalog entry noun base parts. The method builds CatalogEntryIdentifier, ParentCatalogEntryIdentifier if present and ParentCatalogGroupIdentifier if a parent category is present. The categories will be added as category navigation relationships if the entry belongs to more than one category. All the other noun parts will be built by other mediators.
        aLogicalEntityType - an Object for holding the Logial enity which is of type CatalogEntry, to be populated by copying data from physical entity
        aPhysicalEntityType - an Object to hold the physical entity of type CatalogEntry which contains the data that has to be populated in Logical Entity.
        AbstractApplicationException - throws an exception of type BusinessObjectMediatorException
        See Also:, java.lang.Object)
      • createNounType

        public java.lang.Object createNounType()
                                        throws AbstractApplicationException
        Create Catalog Entry logical type which acts the base logical noun
        Return the noun type object for this mediator
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