Class FetchTopCategoriesTaskCmdImpl

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    FetchCatalogGroupCmd, AbstractFetchNounCmd,,

    public class FetchTopCategoriesTaskCmdImpl
    extends AbstractFetchCatalogGroupSOICmdImpl
    This fetch command retrieves all the top categories of the current catalog and store. The current catalog id is retrieved from CatalogContext using getCatalogContext() method in the CatalogComponentHelper helper classs. The store id is retrieved from the BaseContext using ,getStoreId() method in the CatalogComponentHelper helper class.
    Following is the xpath expression used to invoke this command:

    Value for attribute 'topCatalogGroup' should always be 'true'.
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    Serialized Form
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      • FetchTopCategoriesTaskCmdImpl

        public FetchTopCategoriesTaskCmdImpl()
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      • fetchCatalogGroups

        public java.util.ArrayList fetchCatalogGroups()
                                               throws CatalogApplicationException
        This method is used to fetch the top category data beans, given the catalog id. The category data beans will be the top categories of the catalog. The catalogId is passed as an XPath query parameter.
        an ArrayList containing the category data bean corresponding to the identifier.
        CatalogApplicationException - when the activation of the category data bean fails.