Class AbstractFetchCatalogGroupSOICmdImpl

  • java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractFetchCatalogGroupSOICmdImpl

        public AbstractFetchCatalogGroupSOICmdImpl()
        Default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • getLogger

        public java.util.logging.Logger getLogger()
        The Logger for the class.
      • execute

        public void execute()
        This method fetches the required catalog group based on the XPath key and calls the appropriate compose command based on the access profile requested. The right compose command to be instantiated is looked up for in the CommandFactory, using the access profile key passed. The access profile key passed can be acquired from the instance of, which can be obtained by the getSelectionCriteriaMapper() method.
        Specified by:
        execute in interface
        CommandException, - when a runtime exception is caught.
        CatalogSystemException, - when the Required parameters are not set or the compose command is not found.
      • getBeginIndex

        public java.math.BigInteger getBeginIndex()
        the beginning index for paging. This parameter determines the page number by specifying the start number for the index.
      • getDisplayNum

        public java.math.BigInteger getDisplayNum()
        the display number for paging. This parameter determines the page size.
      • isReadyToCallExecute

        public boolean isReadyToCallExecute()
        This method checks if the Fetch command has the required fields set to run.
        Specified by:
        isReadyToCallExecute in interface
        true if ready, false otherwise.
      • reset

        public void reset()
        Resets the command fields. This method resets the fields of the fetch command such that, getSelectionCriteriaMapper() and getShowCatalogGroupDataArea() return null values.
        Specified by:
        reset in interface
      • getShowCatalogGroupDataArea

        public ShowCatalogGroupDataAreaType getShowCatalogGroupDataArea()
        the ShowCatalogGroupDataAreaType which contains all the category information to be displayed.
      • setPagingParameters

        public void setPagingParameters(java.math.BigInteger begIndex,
                                        java.math.BigInteger dispNum)
        begIndex - the beginning index.
        dispNum - the page size.
      • getRecordSetCompleteIndicator

        public boolean getRecordSetCompleteIndicator()
        true if the end of records has been reached, false otherwise.
      • getRecordSetCount

        public java.math.BigInteger getRecordSetCount()
        This method returns the total count of records that are being returned by the fetch command. This can be less than or equal to the page size requested.
        The total count of records.
      • getRecordSetStartNumber

        public java.math.BigInteger getRecordSetStartNumber()
        the starting index.
      • getRecordSetTotal

        public java.math.BigInteger getRecordSetTotal()
        This method returns the total number of records present for the input selection criteria. This can be used to determine the total number of pages that will be needed to display catalog groups based on the current selection criteria.
        the total number of records.
      • getRecordSetReferenceId

        public java.lang.String getRecordSetReferenceId()
        Not supported.
        The reference ID. Returns a null value.
      • setRecordSetCompleteIndicator

        public void setRecordSetCompleteIndicator(boolean flag)
        flag - - true if the end of records has been reached, false otherwise.
      • setRecordSetCount

        public void setRecordSetCount(java.math.BigInteger count)
        This method is used to set the total count of records that are to be returned by the fetch command. This count is the number of records to be displayed in each page.
        count - - The total count of records.
      • setRecordSetStartNumber

        public void setRecordSetStartNumber(java.math.BigInteger startNumber)
        startNumber - - the starting index.
      • setRecordSetTotal

        public void setRecordSetTotal(java.math.BigInteger total)
        This method sets the total number of records present for the current selection criteria. This can be used to determine the number of pages to be displayed.
        total - - the total number of records.
      • setRecordSetReferenceId

        public void setRecordSetReferenceId(java.lang.String id)
        Not supported.
        id - - The reference ID. The passed value is ignored.
      • getShow

        public ShowType getShow()
        This method returns the show verb response that represent the results of the fetch operation. The showVerb returned contains the details of the records returned as a result of the fetch command for the requested access profile, if the method is called after the successful running of exceute().
        Specified by:
        getShow in interface FetchCatalogGroupCmd
        Specified by:
        getShow in interface AbstractFetchNounCmd
        The show verb response.
        See Also:
      • getNouns

        public java.util.List getNouns()
        This method returns the list of nouns that have been retrieved by the business object manager that matches the specified XPath expression.
        Specified by:
        getNouns in interface AbstractFetchNounCmd
        The list of nouns that represent the XPath expression.
      • setVersionCheck

        public void setVersionCheck(java.lang.String versionCheck)
        This method sets whether the implementation is dependent on whether the version is found in the business object document request. A verion of null with use this implementation and a none null version will use the FetchCatalogGroupCmdImpl. The default behaviour is to perform this decision process of selecting which implementation to use.
        versionCheck - Whether this version check needs to be enforced. A value of false means that this implementation will be used regardless if the version is specified in the business object document.