Class ChangeCatalogEntryParentCatentryCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ChangeCatalogEntryPartCmd, AbstractChangeNounPartActionCmd, AbstractSyncNounPartActionCmd,,,,,,

    public class ChangeCatalogEntryParentCatentryCmdImpl
    extends AbstractChangeCatalogEntryPartCmdImpl
    implements ChangeCatalogEntryPartCmd
      This change command does the task of changing the parent product of sku.
  • The catalog entry id's or identifiers of the children and the parent should be passed as XPATH parameters for the change to happen.
  • The following conditions must be satisfied for the change to occur
    • The child catentry must be a sku and parent a product.
    • Both of them should exist in the store.
    • Action Supported: Change
    • XPath: CatalogEntry[i]/ParentCatalogEntryIdentifier
    • Catalog Context supported: Master catalog
    • See Also:
      Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • ChangeCatalogEntryParentCatentryCmdImpl

        public ChangeCatalogEntryParentCatentryCmdImpl()