Class ChangeCatalogEntryListPriceCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ChangeCatalogEntryPartCmd, AbstractChangeNounPartActionCmd, AbstractSyncNounPartActionCmd,,,,,,

    public class ChangeCatalogEntryListPriceCmdImpl
    extends AbstractChangeCatalogEntryPartCmdImpl
    implements ChangeCatalogEntryPartCmd
    This command implementation is used to modify the list price of catalog entries. The command is given a list of catalog entry nouns and the action expressions to act upon each noun. The command will perform add, update, delete operations on the list price. The list price will contain the default price as well as the alternate currencies. The currency code will be used to uniquely identify the list prices.
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      • ChangeCatalogEntryListPriceCmdImpl

        public ChangeCatalogEntryListPriceCmdImpl()