HCL Commerce WSDL files

HCL Commerce provides WSDL files to describe its Web services.

The HCL Commerce WSDL files are located in the following directories:
  • workspace_dir/WebServicesRouter/WebContent/component-services/wsdl

You can access the WSDL files through the following URL:


For example:http://localhost:80/webapp/wcs/component-services/wsdl/ContractServices.wsdl

  • The default port is 80.
  • Although you can read the WSDL files over the Web, they cannot be used to generate a Web client. If you are creating a Web client based on the WSDL files, you can copy the WSDL files into your development environment.
  • Any WSDL files located in other directories can be ignored, as they are for previous versions of Web services.