Activating the web cache monitor

You can use the web cache monitor to view and manage Search cache information.

About this task

The WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Liberty provide a web Cache Monitor application. This application displays cache statistics such as Edge Side, disk statistics, cache entries, dependency IDs, and cache policy information. The monitor is installed, but not enabled on the runtime environment by default. This task shows how to activate the web cache monitor. This monitor checks the status and contents of the cache for search in real time and helps you validate the cache.


  1. In a file manager utility, go to the /opt/WebSphere/Liberty/usr/servers/default directory, and open the server.xml file for editing.
  2. Add the XML element <feature>webCacheMonitor-1.0</feature> to the feature list to active the web cache monitor.
  3. When you are finished, the featureManager element should look something like the following:
  4. Restart the Search server.
  5. You can and manage the cache information by using the following rest call.