Payment methods

Payment methods are the means by which payments are made. Payment methods include credit card brands, electronic checks, gift certificates, and manufacturers' coupons. The shopper selects the payment method on the Order Summary page.

Payment methods have the following properties: payment method name, priority, ability to be edited (whether the amount can be changed by an administrator, or by the system), and amount limits. The payment policy is specified in the POLICY and POLICYDESC database tables. The properties are defined in the PaymentMethodConfigurations.xml file.

A shopper can use more than one payment method to pay for an order. The priority determines which payment method should be used first. For example, if a gift certificate has a high priority and a credit card has a medium priority, the gift certificate is used first.

By default, the following payment methods are available:

Credit cards
  • AMEX
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
Offline transaction, customer is billed
Electronic check or automated clearing house (ACH) transaction
Cash on delivery
Line of credit
Offline transaction. for example, the customer provides payment information later by fax.
Payment methods are associated with payment policies. For example:
db2 "select policy_id, policyname, storeent_id, properties from policy where storeent_id=10001 and policyname='VISA'"
PROPERTIES attrPageName=StandardVisa&paymentConfigurationId=default&display=true&compatibleMode=false
In B2B stores, available payment methods are defined in a contract as a payment term and condition (PaymentTC).