Exporting promotion codes

You can export promotion codes from to be imported into third-party promotional software. You can then use this data in campaigns and digital communications to customers.

A variety of cloud-based services provide users with precision marketing capabilities to create, personalize, and manage marketing campaigns and send digital communications to customers with promotion offers. This solution also provides users with the capabilities to track marketing information and generate marketing analytics.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have created a promotion code export file that includes the promotion codes that you want to export. For more information about creating promotion code export files, see Exporting promotion codes.

About this task

You can export both unique and public promotion codes for a promotion.
Note: You cannot export promotion codes for an archived promotion. For more information, see Archiving promotions.


  1. From the explorer filter, click Promotion Code Exports. The Promotion Code Exports - List displays, containing a list of all promotion code export files. Ensure that your promotion code export file is in this list.
  2. Download the promotion code export file to your local machine by selecting the promotion code export file and clicking Download Promotion CodesDownload Promotion Codes. Save the file to your local machine.


The promotion code export file is exported. You can now use it with third-party promotional software including cloud services.