Tag: param

The wcf:param tag adds a named parameter value to the parent tag. The wcf:param tag can be specified as a element of the wcf:getData tag.

Tag information

Tag information
Body Content empty



Attribute Required Request-time Type Description
name true true java.lang.String The name of the parameter.
value true true java.lang.String The value of the parameter.
encode false true java.lang.String
Note: The C:param tag is automatically encoded. If you want to enable encoding, run the following command:
<wcf:param name="paymentConfigGroup" value="default" encode="true"/>
<wcf:rest var="merchantInfo" url="store/{storeId}/merchant">
<wcf:var name="storeId" value="${WCParam.storeId}" encode="true"/>
<wcf:param name="paymentSystem" value="ApplePaySystem" encode="true"/>
<wcf:param name="paymentConfigGroup" value="default" encode="true"/>
<wcf:param name="responseFormat" value="json" />


No variables are defined for the wcf:param tag.


The following example retrieves the order object that represents the current shopping cart. The tag assigns the object to a variable that is called "order". The wcf:param tag is included to set the access profile:
  <wcf:contextData name="storeId" data="10001" />
  <wcf:param name="accessProfile" value="WC_OrderDetailsProfile" />