Views for login timeout

To use the login timeout security feature, you need to define the LoginTimeoutErrorView and ReLogonFormView views for your store.


If the login timeout information is incorrect, HCL Commerce redirects the user's browser to this view. If this occurs, it is likely because someone has tampered with the cookie.


This view is displayed to users after their session has expired. It needs to provide the user with a form to enter the user's logon ID and password. The Submit button will invoke the Logon command. There should also be a Cancel button to redirect the user to another page (in most cases, the storefront page).

There are no attributes for the ReLogonFormView view.

ReLogonFormView form attributes

The user's logon ID.
The user's logon password.
The URL that is displayed if the credentials provided are invalid. In most cases, it will be name of this view.
The store identifier.
The URL that is displayed when the credentials that are entered belong to different user. In most cases, this should be a store home page, or the same URL that is used in a store logon page.