Ant target: CreateWorkspace

Creates a workspace for an authoring server.

Important: This Ant target is to be used only as a part of WebSphere Commerce instance creation.

Called by



The file must exist for this Ant target to work. For information about generating the properties file, see Ant targets.

Required parameters

The name of the WebSphere Commerce instance with which you are working (for example, demo).
LinuxAIXWindowsThe password for the database administrator
LinuxAIXWindowsThe WebSphere Commerce database user's password.

Optional parameters

A flag (true or false) to indicate that the Ant task is not to update the workspace. Instead, the task only reports the SQL that is used to update the workspace pool. The default value is false, which means that the workspace pool is updated.
The output file to print the SQL statements to if generateSQLStatementsOnly is set to true. If not specified then the SQL is output to standard output stream.


  • LinuxAIXWC_installdir/bin/ -buildfile WC_installdir/components/Workspaces/xml/configureWorkspaces.xml -DinstanceName=instance_name -DdbaPassword=dbaPassword -DdbUserPassword=dbUserPassword -DgenerateSQLStatements=false CreateWorkspace
  • For IBM i OS operating systemWC_installdir/bin/ -buildfile WC_installdir/components/Workspaces/xml/configureWorkspaces.xml -DinstanceName=instance_name -DdbaPassword=dbaPassword -DdbUserPassword=dbUserPassword -DgenerateSQLStatements=false CreateWorkspace
  • WindowsWC_installdir/bin/config_ant.bat -buildfile WC_installdir/components/Workspaces/xml/configureWorkspaces.xml -DinstanceName=instance_name -DdbaPassword=dbaPassword -DdbUserPassword=dbUserPassword -DgenerateSQLStatements=false CreateWorkspace