Deploying an inbound Web service

Deploying a web service to your production environment is treated the same way as deploying other assets -- as updates to the WebSphere Application Server using the WebSphere Application Server Administration Console.

WebSphere Commerce DeveloperNote: Before exporting your assets, ensure that WebSphere Commerce Developer is at the same fix pack level as your WebSphere Commerce Server.


  1. Package the assets:
    1. In the development environment, right-click the WebServicesRouter Web project and select Export... > Export... > WAR file. Select your Web project and a destination on the following screens to create your WAR file.
    2. Create a zip file for the store assets by packaging your assets as a partial application. This zip file will contain files that you have updated to support your Web service, such as:
      • messaging/webservice_SOABOD_template.extension.xml
      • struts-config-ext.xml
      • any additional XML files you created for message mapping
      • new JSP files
      files being updated are the and any additional XML files created for message mapping purposes. You may also have customized your and/or created new JSP files.
  2. Open the WebSphere Application Server Administration Console.
  3. Follow the Updating applications with the console to deploy the web services and the store assets.
    • To deploy the WebServicesRouter Web project, follow the directions for Single Module.
    • For the store assets, follow the directions for Partial Application.
    Note: You do not need to save your configuration until you have completed all your updates. Saving between updates will add unnecessary time to the deployment steps.