Introduced in Feature Pack 1

Creating a custom feed from a Web service

You can customize WebSphere Commerce to retrieve a feed from any existing WebSphere Commerce Web service or from a custom Web service you have created. You can display the feed in a Web widget embedded on a Web site external to WebSphere Commerce. Alternatively, you can let customers subscribe to the feed from your storefront. For example, to offer customers a feed that lists new products from your store, you could create a custom Atom feed from the Get Catalog Web service for the New Products catalog. You can then publish the URL for the feed on your storefront so customers can subscribe to the feed and view the new products in their favorite feed reader. WebSphere Commerce provides a RESTful framework that supports this customization scenario.

Before you begin the customization, you must understand interactions within the RESTful Web service framework as well as the customization points. Read Overview of the RESTful Web service framework for feeds.

For a tutorial that walks your through these customization steps using a specific example and sample code, see Tutorial: Creating an Atom feed to display information in a remote widget.