AVSRules XML file

Determines the response when AVS scores 0 to 4 are received for credit card payment methods.

This file is located in the following directory:

  • WC_eardir/xml/config/payments/edp/groups/default/paymentConfiguration_name
  • WebSphere Commerce Developerworkspace_dir/wc/xml/config/payments/edp/groups/default/paymentConfiguration_name

The paymentConfiguration_name is defined in PaymentMethodConfigurations.xml file

The ScoreRule element maps the payment plug-in responses for AVS scores, as per the payment plug-in specification. The response values can be changed if the defaults (as shown) are not compatible with merchant policies for AVS.

<ScoreRules xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance>
  <ScoreRule from="0" to="0" response="Pass" description="AVS Complete Match" ruleType="AVS" />
  <ScoreRule from="1" to="1" response="Pass" description="AVS Street Address Match" ruleType="AVS" />
  <ScoreRule from="2" to="2" response="AttentionRequired" description="AVS Postal code Match" ruleType="AVS" />
  <ScoreRule from="3" to="3" response="Reject" description="AVS No Match" ruleType="AVS" />
  <ScoreRule from="4" to="4" response="AttentionRequired" description="AVS Other Response" ruleType="AVS" />
Specifies what the payment rules response should be when that particular AVS score is received. This attribute is the only configurable part of this file. Type Pass, AttentionRequired, or Reject as appropriate.
Both street address and zip code match.
Street address matches, but zip code does not.
Zip code matches, but street address does not.
Neither street address nor zip code match.
AVS result not available.