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Deploying non-production virtual environments

IBM WebSphere Commerce Patterns non-production environments for multiplatform provide virtualization of a single-tier environment for non-production purposes. Deploy these virtual system patterns with IBM PureApplication Software V2.1.0 IBM PureApplication System V2.1.0, or IBM PureApplication Service V2.1.0 to get a 64-bit virtual machine with WebSphere Commerce Enterprise Version 7, Feature Pack 8, and Fix Pack 9 installed and enabled on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. After deployment, use the Virtualization WebSphere Commerce test environment for non-production purposes, as if you installed and configured WebSphere Commerce in a native environment. If you have customizations in a WebSphere Commerce Build and Deployment tool server deployment package, you can deploy them along with the newly created virtual system. The virtual system instance has the latest fix pack, feature pack, and interim fixes applied. If you want to apply any newer fix pack or interim fixes in the future, you can deploy them to the virtual system instance in the workload console.

Virtual Application Pattern

You can also deploy the non-production pattern as a virtual application pattern. In some cases, the imported virtual system pattern might point to another image. Ensure that the correct WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition is used before you deploy the virtual application pattern.

About this task

This deployment is tested on an environment with the following minimum software levels:
  • IBM WebSphere Enterprise Commerce Version 7 Fix Pack 9
  • IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 8
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition
  • IBM DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition Version or higher Version 10.5 fix pack
  • IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration Pattern 1.2.1
  • IBM PureApplication Software V2.1.0, IBM PureApplication System V2.1.0, or IBM PureApplication Service V2.1.0