Working with WebSphere Commerce physical media

WebSphere Commerce is shipped on DVDs. Depending on your operating system, there are limitations that you need to be aware of when working with the WebSphere Commerce DVDs.


Unix-based operating systems

  • Do not change directories to the mount point. Changing directories to the mount point will lock the DVD drive and prevent you from being able to swap DVDs.
  • When launching any of the WebSphere Commerce Installation or Migration Wizards, ensure the current directory is not mount_point, otherwise your DVD drive could be locked when you need to change media. This applies to eImages as well.
  • The WebSphere Commerce DVD is provided in ISO format, ensure that you mount the DVD image correctly:
    • LinuxAIXDo not use auto-mount – mount the DVD manually. For example,
      mount /dev/cdrom /mnt
    • SolarisAuto-mount should correctly mount the WebSphere Commerce DVD.
  • LinuxIf you are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SELinux is enabled and enforced while you are installing WebSphere Commerce from a DVD , then you must mount the DVD using the following command:
    mount -o context=system_u:object_r:textrel_shlib_t /dev/cdrom /media/
    For more information, see Preparing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for installation.
  • All DVDs provided with WebSphere Commerce use ISO formatted DVDs. Ensure that you mount the DVDs correctly.
  • When prompted to change DVDs by the WebSphere Commerce installation wizard:
    1. Unmount the DVD-ROM drive.
    2. Change the DVD in the DVD-ROM to the requested DVD.
    3. Mount the DVD-ROM drive.
      Note: The installation wizard panel will display the mount point when a new DVD is required for the installation. Do not alter this panel, for any DVD that is mounted, during the installation.
  • SolarisWhen specifying the DVD-ROM drive path for mount_point, always use the symbolic path to the DVD-ROM drive such as /dvdrom/dvdrom0. This will vary depending on how many DVD-ROM drives you have and which one you are using.
  • The path to the WebSphere Commerce DVD must not contain the character "#".
WindowsFor IBM i OS operating system

Windows operating systems and IBM i operating systems

  • If a Windows Autorun window displays after changing DVDs, close the window.

    A Windows Autorun window resembles an Explorer window.

  • If a Windows Autoplay dialog box displays after changing DVDs, cancel or exit the dialog.
    A Window Autoplay dialog box contains text similar to the following text:
    Windows can perform the same action each time you insert a
    disk or connect a device with this kind of file:
  • The following DVDs must be available in the local DVD-ROM drive or as an image on the local hard disk. Specifying a network location, either as a UNC path or a mapped drive, will cause the installation to fail:
    • WindowsDB2 DVD
    • WebSphere Application Server CD
      Note: The WebSphere Application Server CDs shipped with WebSphere Commerce are CIP packages and do not support remote IBM i install. As a result, the remote installer does not recognize the WebSphere Application Server CD. You have two options:
      • Download and obtain WebSphere Application Server CDs or images, then point the WebSphere Commerce installer to them, or
      • Pre-install WebSphere Application Server on the IBM i machine using the WebSphere Application Server CIP CD/images shipped with WebSphere Commerce. This must be done on the IBM i machine itself. It cannot be done remotely.
  • For all other DVDs, do not specify locations of the DVD or DVD image as Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) paths (for example, \\system1\destination). You can use mapped drive letters.
  • The path to the WebSphere Commerce DVD must not contain the character "#".