WebSphere Commerce Developer

Validating your query template file syntax

WebSphere Commerce Developer provides a JSP file that you can use to validate your query template file syntax. Query template file syntax validation can only be performed on local instances of WebSphere Commerce. This JSP file cannot be used for remote access and testing.


  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Developer.
  2. Ensure that the WebSphere Commerce test server is running.
  3. Launch the query template validation JSP file by navigating to the following URL: dsl.jsp
    Note: The validation JSP file only works correctly when viewed using the Internet Explorer browser.
  4. Specify the query you want to validate by providing the following input:
    1. In the Component list, select the service module that contains the query template file you want to validate.
    2. In the XPath keys list, select the XPath key for the query.
    3. In the XPath entry field, type a WebSphere Commerce extended XPath notation expression to test.
    4. In the Access Profile list, select an access profile to test.
    5. In the Store Id field, select the StoreId.
    6. In the Language Id field, select the Language ID.
  5. Click Submit Query to test your query.


The page reloads with the following information (where appropriate) about your query:
  • Search expression
  • Paging count SQL (if the query has paging SQL)
  • The XPath to SQL query.
  • Parameters (the parameters used in the SQL statements)
  • The number of rows returned
  • A table of the result rows
  • The name of the associated XPath query.
  • The associated SQL statement.