Reloading the configuration of a BOD service module

During development, you may want to modify and reload configuration, without having to restart the server. This is supported through the use of a .reloadconfig file.


  1. To enable volatile reloading:
    For all components Create an empty .reloadconfig file in xml/config/ This will cause every service module to check the timestamps on its configuration files, each time it is called. Configuration files that have changed from the time that they were last loaded will get re-parsed. Also, if a configuration file was added or removed, all the files in the same directory is reloaded.
    For a particular component Create an empty .reloadconfig file under the component configuration directory . For example, xml/config/com.myco.myservicemodule. Volatile reloading will only be enabled for that component. In the case of an existing WebSphere Commerce service module, place the file in WC_eardir\xml\config\servicemodulename-ext\.
  2. Put the .reloadconfig file in the directory before the server is started.