BOD versions in WebSphere Commerce

In order for the WebSphere Commerce Server to be able to differentiate between different levels of client libraries, which may have different versions of the WebSphere Commerce nouns, the versionID attribute of the OAGIS BusinessObjectDocumentType is populated with the WebSphere Commerce version associated with the noun.

This versionID attribute is for IBM use only, for WebSphere Commerce BODs. If you want to specify your own custom version identification system, you can make use of the releaseID attribute of the BOD.

Every Noun XSD file contains a constant value, that corresponds to the WebSphere Commerce version-release-modification-fixpack convention:
	<element name="NounNameBODVersion" type="string" fixed="">
			Version of the noun. This value is set as the versionID attribute in the corresponding BODs.
This value will change in any of the following cases:
  • The noun changes.
  • A data type the noun depends on changes.
In the client library, the constant is read from the XSD, and set in the BOD. The resulting BOD will look like the following sample:
<_mbr:ChangePerson xmlns:_mbr="" xmlns:_wcf="" xmlns:oa="" versionID="" xmlns:xsi="">
Note: The template code generated when you Create a WebSphere Commerce service module will set the versionID in the BOD for you.