Modifying existing EJB modules

If you need to modify any of the EJB modules that come with your WebSphere Commerce product, you must import them into the workspace as projects.


  1. Create a new EJB 2.1 project. Ensure that it has the same name as the EJB module that you want to modify. For example, to modify a module packaged as Enablement -RelationshipManagementData.jar, name your new EJB project Enablement-RelationshipManagementData.
  2. Within the J2EE Hierarchy view, expand EJB Modules and locate your new project.
  3. From your new project's pop-up menu, select Import > EJB JAR file.
  4. In the Import wizard window:
    1. Use the Browse function to locate the JAR file that contains your module. Depending on your target database type, it resides in one of the following directories:
      • WCDE_installdir\wc.modules\ejbs\db2
      • WCDE_installdir\wc.modules\ejbs\cloudscape
      • WCDE_installdir\wc.modules\ejbs\iSeries
      • WCDE_installdir\wc.modules\ejbs\oracle
    2. In the EAR project field, choose WC.
    3. Click Finish.
    4. If asked whether you want to overwrite files, select Yes to All.


You will now be able to modify the EJB module in your workspace as necessary.