Order adjustment data model

The Order adjustment data model shows the relationship between database tables that contain information about order adjustments. Each OrderAdjustment is the total of the OrderItemAdjustments that are created when the results from a particular CalculationCode calculation are applied.

OrderAdjustments are created by the ApplyOrderAdjustments task command that is invoked by the OrderPrepare controller command. A SubOrderAdjustment is the subtotal of the OrderItemAdjustments with OrderItems that have the same shipping address.

Typically, an OrderItemAdjustment is taxable and effects tax calculations, but if the OrderAdjustment is marked as tax exempt for certain tax categories, the tax calculations for those tax categories are not affected.

An OrderAdjustment has a multi-lingual description that can be displayed to customers that is copied from the description of the CalculationCode that created it.

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