Feature Pack 5 or later

Tutorial: Defining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) URLs for new pages in the Aurora starter store

Feature Pack 5 or later

This tutorial demonstrates how to create Search Engine Optimization (SEO) URLs for new pages in the Aurora starter store. Through SEO, you can increase your online visibility in search engine results, driving more shoppers to your store. WebSphere Commerce provides several tools to assist with your overall SEO strategy, one of which is to create a short and meaningful search engine friendly URL.

In this tutorial, you customize the recipe pages to have new SEO-friendly URLs that are shorter and more meaningful to search engines and shoppers. Each Recipe and Recipe Collection will have search engine friendly URLs such as: http://localhost/shop/en/Aurora/Recipe/Western-Foods. These changes are made by defining URL Keyword data for each Recipe and Recipe Collection object in the WebSphere Commerce SEO tables. You must also define the URL patterns for each recipe page view in the new URL patterns definition files.

Learning objectives

After you complete this tutorial, you should be familiar with the following concepts:
  • Understand the WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 3 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Solution
  • Overview of simple extension and customization tasks.

Time required

Expect this tutorial to take about two hours to complete.

Skill level

This tutorial is intended for advanced WebSphere Commerce developers responsible for creating and customizing WebSphere Commerce Store URLs. To complete this tutorial, ensure that you are familiar with the following terms and concepts:
  • JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology
  • XML
  • Relational databases
  • SQL

System requirements

Before you begin this tutorial, ensure that you complete the following tasks