Configuring a service-only cloud user (Windows)

After HCL Client Application Access (HCAA) is installed on Microsoft™ Windows™, use this procedure to configure HCAA for SmartCloud Notes® if you are a service-only user. Service-only users do not use applications on on-premises Domino® servers at their company sites. They can use HCAA to work with local applications on the client.

Before you begin

You must know the name and password to use to log in to the IBM Connections™ Cloud service so that you can download the configuration tool. If you are logging in for the first time, your administrator gives you the name and password. Often, the name is an email address, such as

About this task

If you already use HCL Notes in the cloud or an earlier version of HCAA in the cloud, HCAA is ready to use and you can skip these steps.


  1. Start HCAA:
    1. Double-click the HCL Client Application Access icon on your Desktop.
    2. Complete the following information and click Next
      • Enter your user name.
      • Select I am an IBM SmartCloud user.
      Note: DO NOT select I have an HCL Notes ID file.
      Smart cloud configuration dialog box
    3. When you see the Please download config.nsf from IBM SmartCloud message, click OK.
  2. Log in to the Connections Cloud service. If you're logging in to SmartCloud Notes for the first time:
    1. Create a new password (if you are prompted to do so).
    2. In the Account Updates window, select the following information and then click Submit: Country or Region, Language, and Time zone.
  3. In the dashboard, click the arrow next to your picture (or name) and select Downloads and Setup. If you are logging in to SmartCloud Notes for the first time, you see this option in the Welcome to IBM SmartCloud Notes page.
  4. Select View HCL Notes options.
  5. In the Welcome to IBM SmartCloud Notes page, select With HCL Notes client:
  6. On the Start Using IBM SmartCloud Notes page, click Download to get the Notes client configuration tool.
  7. In the Software License Agreement, select a language. Then, accept the license terms and conditions, and click Continue. A download status is displayed.

    If your download does not start, check that your browser is not blocking it.

  8. If you are prompted to open or save the config.nsf file, click Open.
  9. If your browser prompts you to associate the config.nsf file with an application, be sure to select Open with HCL Notes/Domino (default).
  10. If prompted to log in, make sure that you are using the Online location. You're only prompted to log in if you closed HCAA.
  11. When you see the Join SmartCloud Notes page, read the information about your account. Close any open tabs in HCAA and save your work, then click I have closed all other Notes windows and tabs.
  12. Click Join.
  13. When you see the message You are now configured to join IBM SmartCloud Notes, click OK.
  14. Restart HCL Client Application Access.
  15. Log in with the new SmartCloud location.