The Patch List

Image of the Patch list.
  • Operator permission settings, device, and site assignments govern list contents.
  • Search bar to search patches by name and CVE IDs.
  • See patches for the most critical threats or a specific threat level using the Severity filters. Patch Severity is assigned by the patch vendor (for example, Microsoft), not BigFix.
    • Critical
    • Important
    • Moderate
    • Low
    • Unknown - patch has no vendor-assigned rating.
  • See patches required by many devices by entering a value in the Vulnerable Devices field.
  • See the latest patches using the Release Date field. Specify a date range to see patches that were issued during a specific time period.
  • See patches associated with a specific task using the Category filters:
    • Security – Apply a software change to address a vulnerability.
    • Service Pack – Apply patches to installed software. A collection of updates, fixes, or enhancements delivered in a single installable package. Typically used to update existing files, but can also be used to fix bugs, close security holes, or add new features.
    • Audit – Type of BigFix patch that is used to detect conditions that cannot be remediated and require the attention of an administrator.
    • Enhancement – Apply a change that provides new features.
    • Bug Fix – Apply a change that fixes one or more bugs.
    • Configuration – Apply a change that addresses a configuration issue.
  • Show Hidden Patches – Control the display of audit, corrupt, and superseded patches in the patch list.
  • Supported Patch Sites - Only patches from these sites appear in the WebUI; future releases will include more patch sites.
    • Windows
    • Red Hat Linux
    • Mac OS X
    • CentOS
    • Windows Applications (Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave, Google Chrome, ImgBurn, Mozilla Firefox, Notepad++, Nullsoft, Oracle, Real Networks, Skype, Winamp, Winzip)
    • Debian
    • Oracle Linux
    • SUSE
    • Ubuntu
If Inline Reporting feature is enabled, you can visualize summary report of the real-time data and export the data to .csv or .xlsx files. For more information, see The Patch List in BigFix 10 Help Center.
Note: Inline Reporting feature is not extensively tested in WebUI running on versions earlier than BigFix 10 Platform.