Download plug-ins

Download plug-ins are executable programs that download a specified patch from the website of the patch vendor. To ease the process of caching, Fixlets have an incorporated protocol that uses download plug-ins.

For the Fixlet to recognize the protocol, the related download plug-in must be registered. You must use the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard to register the download plug-in. After you register the plug-in, you can run the Fixlets to download, cache, and deploy patches from the BigFix console.

If you already registered the plug-in, you can use the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard to run the update. You must use the dashboard also to unregister and configure the download plug-in.

  • If you install the download plug-in on relays, it is suggested that you also install it on the server.
  • Download plug-ins support basic authentication only.
  • The BigFix server and the BigFix client must be on the same version to avoid a null error.