Deploying extended support patches with BigFix

You can apply Extended Update Support EUS and Extended Life Cycle Support (ELS) patch Fixlets with BigFix.

To apply EUS and ELS patch Fixlets with BigFix, include them in baselines, use maintenance windows, and even include them in patch policies.

Taking action on an EUS or ELS patch Fixlet works the same way as taking action on any other patch Fixlet in BigFix individually or as part of multiple action groups. However, using EUS and ELS Fixlets in multiple-package baselines requires a little extra attention to detail as shown in the figure, Extended Support Patches.

Note that there are separate Fixlets to install multi package baselines for each Extended Update Support version, similarly to separate Fixlets to install multi package baselines for servers, clients, and workstations in the standard patches for RHEL sites. To ensure that the EUS and ELS patches are installed from the correct repository, you must use the multipackage baseline installation Fixlet that matches the same release of the patch Fixlets in your baseline. For example, a multipackage baseline that contains RHEL 7.5 EUS patch Fixlets must use the 7.5 EUS installation Fixlet as its final component. An example is shown in the following figure:
Figure 1. Extended Support Patches

In the preceding example, the version (7.5) and architecture (x64 / x86_64) matches for all the patch Fixlets and for the multipackage baseline installation Fixlet, just like you match up server or client Fixlets with the corresponding multi baseline installation Fixlet in the standard Patches for RHEL sites.

The Fixlets to import the GPG key and enable multi package baseline mode are generic to the major RHEL version.

For more information about multipackage baselines in general, see the following documentation: