Deploying technology levels and service packs

You can deploy technology level and service pack updates through the BigFix released content or the custom content that is generated by the AIX Deployment Wizard.

Before you begin

Complete the following tasks:
  • Prior to a Technology Level upgrade or a Service Pack update, install the expect package (5.42 or higher) or the expect.base fileset for AIX 6.1. You can obtain the package from the AIX toolbox download site:
  • If you want to deploy fix packs through the internet download option, register the AIX Download Plug-in. For more information, see Registering the AIX download plug-in.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient amount of disk space on the /var partition to accommodate large files. Use the available tasks to set any size or space limitations. For more information, see Fix pack download configuration.
  • For BigFix version 8.1 and earlier, run the Determine OS Level Fixlet.

About this task

AIX determines the operating system level by comparing the installed filesets to a list of known Authorized Program Analysis Reports (APARs).

Use the NFS method to use a local repository as the source of the filesets for the fix pack to be installed. This method enables faster installations and uses less bandwidth.


  • To deploy fix packs through the released content, either through the internet download option or through an NFS mount, complete the following steps:
    1. From the BigFix console, click All Patch Management > Fixlets and Tasks > By Site > Patches for AIX.

      A list of Fixlets is displayed.

      Figure 1. Fixlet list panel view

      Fixlet list panel view
    2. Select a Fixlet to deploy a technology level or service pack update from the list.

      For this example, the Fixlet AIX 5.3: Recommended Service Pack 5300-11-04 was selected.

      Figure 2. Sample Fixlet

      Sample Fixlet
    3. Review the text in the Description tab.
    4. Click the appropriate link in the Actions box to start the deployment.
    5. Optional: If you decide to deploy the fix packs on NFS mount, you must enter the full path to NFS repository (for example, "myServer:/AIX/fileset repo" myServer:/Local/Repo).
      Note: If you used the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard to download the fix packs, you can copy the exact NFS Path to the location of a fix pack from the Manage Cached Fix Packs on a Registered AIX NFS Repository tab.
  • To deploy patches through custom content, you must create the Fixlet or a custom action by using the AIX Deployment Wizard.
    For more information about how to use the wizard, see Creating Fixlets for AIX package updates.
    Note: This deployment method provides an extra layer of security by prompting you to manually provide authentication credentials.