Assigning an additional metric to a product

Available from 9.2.8. The pricing calculations are based on the relation between a product and a metric. The software catalog consists of an inventory of standard relations. To define a custom relation, assign one of available metrics to an existing product.

Before you begin

An icon representing a user. You must have the View Software Catalog and Signatures and Manage Licenses permissions to perform this task.

About this task

You can assign one of available metrics to a product from the software catalog, and thus, define a custom relation. You cannot duplicate an existing relation. You can only assign a metric that is not yet assigned to a certain product. The custom relation can be used while classifying your software inventory. It allows you to make your pricing calculations accurate and tailor-made.

Note: If you use BigFix Inventory version 9.2.8 or higher, go to Software Catalog report to define a custom relation. Starting from application update 9.2.14, the Software Catalog report is renamed to Products & Metrics report.


  1. Log in to BigFix Inventory, and go to Reports > Products & Metrics.
  2. Select a product for which you want to assign a metric. You can select any product from the software catalog.
  3. Hover over the Add icon Plus sign, and select Assign Meric to Product.
  4. Select a metric from the list. To search for a metric, type the metric name in the search bar.
    The screen shows the Assign metric to product window.
  5. Click OK to confirm.


After you confirm the assignment of a new metric to a product, a new line is added on the Products & Metrics report. You can now use the newly created custom relation to classify your software.

What to do next

To assign components to the product with the new metric, go to Reports > Software Classification, select the components, and reassign them. For more information, see: Assigning components to products.