Importing raw scan data

Available from 9.2.2. You can schedule an import of raw scan data. Such an import is much quicker, because it only imports raw scan results, and omits successive steps, such as aggregation and license calculations. The imported raw data, however, is not updated in the user interface, and can only be retrieved by using REST API. This type of import is used to quickly discover recent changes to software inventory without having to wait for the complete data import.

About this task

  • The Raw Data Only import does not replace the complete data import, which must be run regularly to process and aggregate the data.
  • The Raw Data Only import can be run only as a scheduled import. When you click Import Now, you always run a complete data import.
  • To run the Raw Data Only import only once, use REST API. For more information, see: Running data imports.


  1. To enable this feature, go to https://hostname:port/management/feature, and select Enable the Raw Data Only import mode.
  2. In the navigation bar, click Management > Data Imports.
  3. To schedule regular imports, select Enabled, and specify the number of daily imports and their hours.
  4. Select Raw Data Only next to each import that you want to use for importing raw scan results.
    Image shows the Raw Data Only check box next to each import
  5. Click Save.


Information about completed data imports is displayed in the import history. Each entry has an icon that indicates the type of the import, either Complete or Raw Data Only.
Image shows the Import History section

What to do next

When the Raw Data Only import finishes, retrieve the imported raw data by using REST API. For more information, see REST API for retrieving raw scan results.