Scheduling regular capacity scans

Available from 9.2.5. The capacity scan must be initiated every 30 minutes to gather current results for virtualized environments, in which capacity can dynamically change depending on allocated resources. After you run the script, the scan will be run with such a frequency automatically. The results do not have to be imported to BigFix InventoryLicense Metric Tool with such a high frequency. You can import only those that are already available, and include the rest in the next imported package.

Note: This task is optional, because it can be completed by an automated script. Use it only for advanced scenarios.


Go to /cit, and run the script.
After you run the script, the capacity scan will be initiated every 30 minutes, each time creating two output directories:
All capacity scan files and their signatures. They are required for audit purposes to prove that the capacity scan was initiated every 30 minutes.
Unique capacity scan files that contain only changes to the capacity.

Additionally, 48 instances of the BFI-HW job that run the script are created. Since the capacity scan must be run every 30 minutes, two jobs are created for each hour.

All capacity results will be automatically copied from their directories and included in the common package with all scan results after you run the software scan.