Preparing installation files for disconnected scans for IBM i

Available from 9.2.5. After you add the data source, prepare the installation package and distribute it to IBM i endpoints. The package should contain the disconnected scanner and configuration files used to initiate the scans. These files are downloaded from the BigFix console. The package should also contain the software catalog that is downloaded from BigFix Inventory.

About this task

9.2.16 Starting from application update 9.2.16, each disconnected scanner package includes the software catalog. You no longer need to separately download the software catalog and place it in the disconnected scanner directory on IBM i computers.


  1. Download the disconnected scanner.
    1. Log in to the BigFix console.
    2. In the navigation bar, click Sites > External Sites > BigFix Inventory v9 > Fixlets and Tasks.
    3. In the upper right pane, select Download the Disconnected Scanner Package for IBMi (version).
    4. To run the task, click Take Action.
      The BFI-DisconnectedScanner-ibm_i-<version>-<timestamp>.zip file is downloaded.
      For versions before 9.2.16 file would be named: BFI-DisconnectedScanner-ibm_i-<version>-<timestamp>.zip
  2. For versions before 9.2.16: Download the software catalog.
    1. Log in to BigFix Inventory, and go to Management > Data Sources.
    2. Select your disconnected data source.
    3. Download the catalog for IBM i.
      The CIT_catalog_I5OS.xml file is downloaded.
  3. Optional: To customize the disconnected scanner, edit configuration files.
    You can change the scanner installation path, output directories for scan results, and some other settings, such as the processor utilization. Configuration files include:
    • - The file contains the following parameters.
      • CONFIG_DIR parameter that specifies the installation path for the scanner as well as the location of configuration files and scripts.
      • PACKAGE_OUTPUT_DIR parameter that specifies the output directory for scan results.
      • BASE_OUTPUT_DIR parameter that specifies the temporary directory in which scan results are stored before they are included in the final package.
      Each parameter is changed independently. Ensure that you provide correct paths.
    • - Modify the file and replace the default user profile name QSECOFR with the name of the profile that will be used to run hardware scans. The minimal requirements for the user profile are the class set to *USER and the special authority set to *NONE. You can use the same user profile that is used to install the scanner and run the software scan. Then, set up the special authority to *ALLOBJ.
    • sw_config.xml - The file contains a number of extra settings, such as the processor utilization and directories excluded from scanning. For more information, see: Troubleshooting the discovery on IBM i.
  4. Upload the disconnected scanner package to IBM i computers. Place the files in correct directories.
    1. Extract the LMT-DisconnectedScanner-ibm_i-<version>-<timestamp>.zip file to the scanner installation directory.(For versions before 9.2.16: BFI-DisconnectedScanner-ibm_i-<version>-<timestamp>.zip
      By default, it is /cit. If you customized the directory, place the file in the directory that you specified in the file.
    2. For versions before 9.2.16: Place the software catalog file CIT_catalog_I5OS.xml in the /cit/config directory.

What to do next

Install the scanner and gather initial data.