Deprecated: Disabling subcapacity calculations

Subcapacity licenses are based on the number of processor value units (PVU) or resource value units (RVU) that can be used by the product not the number of all processor cores that are available on the physical server. Such a licensing scheme allows for reducing the cost of licenses for products that are eligible for PVU or RVU subcapacity. If no subcapacity products are installed in your environment, you can disable subcapacity calculations to improve the performance of the import.

About this task

Important: 9.2.5 Starting from application update 9.2.5, the option to entirely disable subcapacity calculations is no longer available. You can disable PVU and RVU MAPC calculations, both full capacity and subcapacity, per computer group. For more information, see: Setting up computer groups.


To disable subcapacity calculations, go to https://hostname:port/management/feature and clear the Subcapacity checkbox. Then, click Save.
Tip: You might restart the BigFix Inventory server to ensure that subcapacity calculations are disabled.


After you disable subcapacity calculations, subcapacity data is not uploaded to BigFix Inventory server during the import. Performance of the import is improved. Fixlets and tasks that are related to subcapacity configuration and VM managers remain available and relevant in the BigFix console. However, you do not have to run them. Additionally, the following elements of the BigFix Inventory user interface are hidden:
  • Widgets:
    • IBM Capacity Data Completeness
    • IBM PVU Subcapacity
    • BigFix Software Classification
  • Management panels:
    • BigFix Software Classifications
    • VM Managers
    • Metric Table Upload
    • Part Numbers Upload
  • Reports:
    • IBM PVU Subcapacity
    • All Metrics
    • Audit Trail
    • Hardware Inventory
The following permissions are removed from the user roles:
  • Manage Software Classification
  • Manage VM Managers and Servers
  • View Audit Trail
  • View Hardware Inventory
  • View License Metrics