Configuring data retention period for raw utilization data

By default, raw data about utilization of license metrics is stored in the BigFix Inventory database for 90 days. You can change the period depending on the period for which you want to generate reports of raw utilization data.

Before you begin

Retention period is set by default in fresh installations of BigFix Inventory. If you upgraded from Software Use Analysis, your original settings were preserved.

About this task

Raw utilization data is related to license metrics that are reported by products, which implemented the ISO/IEC 19770-4:2017 standard. By default, retention period for raw utilization data is set to 90 days. After that period, the data is removed from the BigFix Inventory database. Software items for which raw license utilization is not reported for a period longer than the specified one are no longer displayed on the Resource Utilization report.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Management > Server Settings.
  2. Specify the period after which you want the data to be removed from the database. If you want to disable the data retention period, clear the check box. Then, click Save.
    Data Retention panel


The data that is older than the retention period is removed from the database during every import.

If the retention period was not configured or you shortened it considerably, removal of the large amounts of data might lengthen the first import after the change. During the consecutive imports, smaller amounts of data are removed and should not have considerable impact on the import time on condition that the import runs regularly.