Manually excluding directories

After you install the scanner, you can specify which directories are to be excluded from scanning during the raw scan of the file system.

Important: Use ASCII characters to specify the names of directories that you want to exclude from scanning.

You specify those directories by adding paths to the exclude_path.txt file that is in the <BES Client>LMT/CIT directory. Each path must be added on a separate line. For more information about modifying the file, see: Excluding additional directories

The file already contains some entries depending on the operating system. You can remove the content of the file which means that no paths are excluded from the scan. However, if you delete the whole file, it will be recreated with the default content before the next software scan.

Unless you exclude specific paths, all the following drives are included in the scan:
  • UNIX All local drives and other drives, such as floppy disk, CD-ROM, and DVD.
    Note: Remote drives are not scanned.
  • Windows All local drives.
Specify paths according to the following syntax:
Important: When you specify a path delimiter, you must use a forward slash (/) instead of a backslash (\). For example, C:/Program Files.
Specifies the drive. Asterisks (*) and question marks (?) are supported. This variable is optional on UNIX.
Specifies the path. Asterisks (*) and question marks (?) are supported. This variable also supports the following CSIDL values on Windows:


Important: The above CSIDL values already have a drive specified. If you use them, omit the drive variable.
You can refer to the following examples when specifying your paths.
  • Excludes the System Volume Information folder on any local drive:
    ?:/System Volume Information
  • Excludes the System32 folder on the local drive that is specified in the CSIDL value: