Currency of BigFix Inventory components

Keeping BigFix Inventory up-to-date

It is important to upgrade BigFix Inventory server with each release. You do not need to upgrade the remaining infrastructure components, such as the BigFix server or clients that frequently. BigFix Inventory is compatible with any supported version of BigFix. Upgrading the BigFix Inventory server resolves the majority of known defects and allows you to take advantage of the newly developed and improved features.

Versioning of the BigFix Inventory components

Versions of BigFix Inventory and the BigFixplatform are independent and they differ.

9.2.15 Starting from application update 9.2.15, the version of the application update and versions of the internal tools of BigFix Inventory, such as, the scanner, SAP Metric Data Collector and VM Manager Tool are unified. In this update the version of each component is 9.2.15. In the future, the version of each component will change to the version of the application update only when this component will change.

Updating BigFix Inventory components

To make sure that your BigFix Inventory architecture is up-to-date, analyze the list of actions according to their priority.
  1. Upgrade to the newest version of BigFix Inventory.
  2. Stop your active actions, and then restart them using the newest versions of fixlets.
  3. Upgrade the internal BigFix Inventory tools, such as, the scanner, SAP Metric Data Collector and VM Manager Tool. For more information, see: Installing the scanner and Updating VM Manager Tool.
  4. Optional: Upgrade the BigFix platform components. This step is optional and mainly depends on your business needs and requirements. Upgrading the platform might be related to the security measures as each update might bring a number of security enhancements. From BigFix Inventory perspective, upgrading BigFix is usually not required for BigFix Inventory to work properly. The majority of the features are independent and work with older versions of the platform.