Oracle VM Server for x86

9.2.14 Available from 9.2.14.Oracle VM Server for x86 is one of the virtualization technologies supported by BigFix Inventory.


Oracle VM Server for x86 is a full virtualization solution that manages the Oracle VM environment. BigFix Inventory supports the Oracle VM Servers for x86 which are managed by Oracle VM Managers. BigFix Inventory connects to Oracle VM Manager and collects the software and capacity data. The solution does not support the direct connection to the Oracle VM Server for x86.
Important: The Oracle VM Manager to which BigFix Inventory connects can manage both Oracle VM Servers for x86 and SPARC. However, this solution does not retrieve the data from SPARC Servers. Oracle VM Server for SPARC is supported by BigFix Inventory on different terms. For more information, see: Client Installation on Oracle Solaris.

Oracle VM Manager

Oracle VM Manager provides interfaces for controlling the virtualization platform. It manages provisioning, connection protocols, user sessions logins and logoffs, virtual desktop pools, virtual machine images, and the high availability and clustering systems. Oracle VM Manager provides the REST API that is used by BigFix Inventory to collect information about the infrastructure that is managed by Oracle VM Manager.

The default URL that is to be used:

Supported versions:

For a full list of supported versions, see: Supported virtualization types.

Diagram showing the communication between the server and Oracle VM Manager