Log files

You can gather the log files to determine the problems that are related to the VM Manager Tool. You can also change the log settings.

The log files for the VM Manager Tool are in the following directories:
  • Trace log files: BES Client\LMT\VMMAN\logs
  • Installation log files: BES Client\LMT\VMMAN\logs\install
You can also gather the complete set of logs by running the -retrievedebugdata command in VM Manager Tool.

Log settings

You can change the log settings by editing the BES Client\LMT\VMMAN\config\log4j.properties file. The following parameters are the most useful:
  • log4j.appender.mylogger.maxFileSize specifies the maximum size of a log file

    Default value = 1000 KB

  • log4j.appender.mylogger.MaxBackupIndex specifies the maximum number of log files

    Default value = 10

  • log4j.rootLogger specifies the logging level

    Default value = INFO. You can change it to DEBUG to enable debug logging