Optimal configuration strategies

Follow the optimal configuration strategies to collect all data from your VM managers.

Pooling interval

Pooling interval is a period during which VM Manager Tool is allowed to connect to all configured VM managers, and collect and upload the data from these VM managers. If pooling interval is exceeded, the VM Manager Tool times out and the next data collection cycle is delayed. If you want to count and report subcapacity, it is necessary to capture mobility of virtual machines. Therefore, data from VM managers must be collected every 30 minutes or more frequently. You can change the frequency of data collection only if you use BigFix Inventory for purposes other than subcapacity reporting. To specify the pooling interval, set the value of the vmm_pooling_time_interval parameter on the Advanced Server Settings panel or in the configuration file for VM Manager. For more information, see: Advanced Server Settings and VM Manager Tool Settings.

Number of virtual machines

The number of virtual machines that reside on VM managers directly relates to the amount of data that needs to be gathered. If you configure multiple connections from one VM Manager Tool to VM managers that host vast number of virtual machines, problems might occur. If it takes too long to collect data from all configured connections, VM Manager Tool times out as it exceeds the pooling interval time. _BESClient_ArchiveManager_MaxArchiveSize parameter limits the total size of files that are uploaded to the BigFix Inventory server. The limit might be exceeded by data that is collected from all configured connections and as a result, the data is not uploaded. For more information about the _BESClient_ArchiveManager_MaxArchiveSize parameter, see: Configuring VM manager for subcapacity reporting

VM managers and network performance

Performance of VM Manager Tool depends on the network typology of your environment as well as the hardware specifications and the load of hypervisors. If network connection is slow or the hypervisors take long time to respond and provide the requested data, performance of VM Manager Tool can be significantly impacted.