Archive Manager Settings

These are the settings of the Archive Manager component:

The OperatingMode dictates the style of archiving, allowing periodic or triggered archiving. The following modes are available:
Disable all archival operations (default value).
Automatic, with a period = BESClient_ArchiveManager_IntervalSeconds.
Enables the archive now action command.

To allow a custom action to post client attributes to an archive file, make sure the OperatingMode is set to 2.

The default value of 0 disables archiving.

This setting (actually a group of settings with optional tags) specifies the files to be archived. This technique lets you specify multiple named batches of files. Each setting starts with "_BESClient_ArchiveManager_FileSet-" and ends with a batch name (the <tag> part).

The value of each setting is a path on the client file system. It can be a single file, in which case that file is part of the archive; a single directory, in which case all files in the directory will be part of the archive; or a directory path ending with wild cards, in which case all files in the directory matching the wild cards will be part of the archive.

For example, the setting _BESClient_ArchiveManager_FileSet-(log), representing all the log files in a temporary log folder, could have a value like c:\temp\log.

Everything after the dash (-) is used as the default prefix of the files as they are unpacked on the root server. Therefore a file named x.log in the c:\temp\log folder would be unpacked as (Log)x.log.

This setting allows you to send just the archives that have changed, avoiding redundant uploads. There are two possible values for this setting:
Only send files that have changed since the last archive operation (default).
Send all files, even if they have not changed.
The default value of 0 is recommended for most applications.
This setting limits the size (in bytes) of the uploaded archive. Because a typical archive might be composed of several files, the archive size corresponds to the sum of the file sizes.

If the limit is exceeded, an archive that contains only the index file is created and uploaded by the Archive Manager. The index contains the following header line:

   MaxArchiveSize: Exceeded 

The default value is 1000000 (one million bytes), however, since IBM Endpoint Manager V8.0, the file system is 64-bit. This means that the actual maximum file size is 2^64 – 1, sufficient for any reasonably sized file.

Note: For additional information about the index file see Archive Manager Settings.
When the OperatingMode is set to 1, this setting determines the interval at which the client triggers an archive.

The default value is 86400 seconds (24 hours).