Software development kit

The Client Compliance API SDK contains the following files:

Table 1. Software Components

SDK Files

File name Description
ClientCompliance.h ClientComplianceMain.cpp ClientCompliance.vcproj ClientComplianceMT.lib ClientCompliance.exe C++ sample source and project files to build a self-contained application. (Does not require BESClientComplianceMod.dll COM module to be installed). Does not require COM or Windows scripting to be installed.
BESClientComplianceMod.dll test.vbs ComplianceDumpToReg.vbs COM module that contains objects and interfaces to drive the API. Use this module together with either of the visual basic samples, and the windows script engine to evaluate compliance.
ComplianceDoc.xml Sample compliance rules document.
BigFix Client Compliance Configuration.efxm Masthead file for Fixlets to install and configure the Client Compliance API – automates many of the configuration steps for deploying the API on a managed computer.
The BigFix Client Compliance Configuration Fixlet site automates much of the manual configuration that is outlined in the following sections. Run the masthead (the .efxm file) to install the site.